Friday, February 17, 2012

glitter art!

i have't quite figured out how to photograph glitter, it never seems to look as good as it does in person.

so, i've had this painting laying around for the last 5+ years, it came in an old frame i bought at a garage sale and for some reason, after taking it out of the frame, i could never seem to get rid of it (perhaps because i imagine someone's grandma painting it...)  
anyways, the time has finally come to make some changes! 

***i LOVE the martha stewart glitters, and have never once, for even a second, regretted spending 30$ on the 24 pack. ever. i love love love them***

to apply glue i use an old paintbrush (that has dried glue on it) ... but i imagine you could use anything, the wrong end of a paintbrush would also work well, to get those thin lines of glue

SO, this idea actually came about because of this (amazing) cheap copy of 'the last supper' that john and a buddy bought at a Fiesta (grocery store) 10 -or so- years ago ...  it is in this phenomenal, gaudy, plastic frame.   So, the flowers were sort of like my practice ... next, i WILL glitter on a da vinci (copy...)


  1. This is such a neat idea. I have an old garage sale print of some ballet dancers. This glitter effect would work great to make it perfect for my girl's rooms

    1. awh man! I know... and i wish i could take the credit, but i think it was my moms idea (although i'm not totally sure, i just remember we were talking about it). she does have the BEST ideas though.