Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I heart little feet

My 2012 Valentine's! 
Hearts made from my precious redding's little 4 week old feet! 

You might want to brave this one while your kiddo is awake, but with my sweet newborn, I decided asleep was definitely the best/safest way to go.
**make sure you have your paint, paper and wet wipes ready to go**
also, tempera paint is best, or other washable paint safe for little feetsies.

Do only one side of the heart at a time, that way you're not dealing with two painted feet at one time. (this may be obvious to some... me, not so much)

I'm sure if you're a perfectionist there is some way to cut out the perfect heart. I, however, am not a perfectionist, therefore I just felt it out.

doilies, (which I never realized how strange a word that is, until I just looked up how to spell it) anyways, they are fun, but not essential.

AND, you could stop here... but it's valentine's day, and I like to go a bit overboard, so...

Perfect for the grandparents!!! oh, and I'll probably frame my favorite and add it on to my nursery wall!

If you need more valentine's card inspirations you can check out what I did in '08 & '09 (sorry for the poor photographs, but you'll get the idea.


  1. Ahhhhh how cute <3 love little feetsies!
    andrea, Redding is so adorable. I need to meet him!

  2. Really? Not a single one of those was for his enamored aunty? I definitely never got one in the mail........ :(