Monday, February 6, 2012

Redding's Nursery

My hodge-podge of fun for the nursery wall, it includes some vintage finds and a few homemade projects 

I absolutely love this mirror, which is probably why I spent more than I'll admit to on it, at the austin antique mall.  (If you haven't checked out the antique mall- GO! The prices are so reasonable compared to austin's vintage stores).
I then spray painted it yellow.
I love these! They are vintage cards (my mom gave me a TON that she found at a garage store). 
The white frame is a vintage frame I painted white and the black one I found at hobby lobby, it's just cheap and plastic, but i love it!

These are ripped out pages from children's books, just go to good will, they have tons!

you can find some of the other homemade wall goodies in previous posts, like the octopus and the silhouette animale paintings.  The clock is from Ikea and the (my personal favorite) Raggedy Andy was also a (7$ steal) from the antique mall.

I adore my hounds tooth rug (I read somewhere the babies love to look at black and white patters...), anyways i found it at (<3).  The banner is left over from my most adorable babyshower!

The nike tennis shoes were a gift a girlfriend gave me that she found thrifting, i just love them... and am not sure if i'll ever let him wear them... :)

We were determined to have a well read little guy ... and because of this already need a bigger book shelf, and he is only 3.5 weeks old!

...AND here is mr. redding, which, i imagine, is thoroughly enjoying is nursery!


  1. More pictures of Redding!!! :) He, and the nursery too (of course), are adorable!

  2. Your nursery is soooo cute! Great job on the above the crib stuff!