Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Newsie Fashion, from head to toe

The Newsies, one of my all time favorite movies, and now we can take fashion advice from these singing and dancing newsboys... 

Starting at your head: you need a hat, I've always called them 'grandpa hats' or 'newsy hats' (which might be the actual name) also called 'flat caps:
picture taken from a fabulous mens fashion blog

Next you need something for you neck... the bandana.  Which, consequently has gotten a bad 'hipster' rap lately. I however find them, not only adorable as scarves but also incredibly handy (while riding your bike in the cold, it's enough material to block your neck from the wind, without making you ultra sweaty - also, they work great as hankies, which one might find slightly gross... but hey, it's going green). hobby lobby as an array of colors for uber cheap. 
For your torso, suspenders or a vest would do the trick.
 Pants should either be tucked in boots or rolled up

SHOES! they should be worn looking (yay for goodwill!) two toned would be awesome as would boots, however, these yellow 'cutter shoe' from paul smith are super yummy

This style can be done for super cheap, I have found all my vests at goodwill (although I have to admit i've splurged on suspenders at american apparel). 
AND here is one of my favorite fashionistas of all time, Mr. Havlak:

Even Redding has the look.

"If your in the papes your famous, if your famous you get anything you want AND that's what's so great about New York" ... and for your enjoyment  (and now you can have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day, just like me).


  1. Andrea!!! I am in LOVE with Redding! He is dressed so cute! Literally, an 'oh my gosh' awkward squeak escaped from my mouth when I saw those two pictures. You are making me want to have a baby. Please stop.

    1. you know, more mcArdles wouldn't be so bad...

  2. I say, that what you say... is what I say
    This makes me want to have a little baby newsie :)