Thursday, March 1, 2012

paint chip ART

It's been difficult to paint ever since I had redding, it feels like every time i put a little paint on the palette the baby starts crying.  SO ... i've been trying to find ways to create that are a little less messy. 
This is my first attempt and although I love it, i've already started brainstorming about expanding this idea.  I really want to do a paint-chip self portrait!!! ... we'll see.

hooray for leap-days!!! 


  1. this is very, very cute :) nice job! x

  2. ohmyword this is SO AWESOME. like amazingly awesomely awesome!!!! i loooove paint squares, and i'm always wishing i could think of some way to use them. i am toooootally going to try my hand at it. as always, you're a complete inspiration to me. xoxo #lovelovelove