Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 months old: crying mama & laughing baby

My little guy is two months old! man how time flies. He is so precious and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.  
Sometimes, i get so frustrated with motherhood though, it is just such a HUGE adjustment. This week is sxsw, a huge music and film festival which fills our city with music, hipsters, bicycles, tourists, parties and beer.  It is not that I don't loving being home with redding, I do! it's just that, it is somehow harder knowing that all that hectic fun is going on within a few miles from my house.
So, this morning i thought we'd go out to a coffee shop and partake in a little bit of the madness.  But once we got there it was too loud for little ears, and i was too 'unhip' :) in my mommy-nursing-all i have that fits-clothes, so we left soon after getting there.  When we got home i just started crying. Redding looked up at me and laughed and I was quickly reminded that all is right in the world. this little guy is what my life is all about right now.

besides, sxsw is every year ... and next year my clothes will fit & he'll be old enough to have a baby sitter! :)


  1. Trust me --they just get easier. You are in the thick of it now, but before you know it he will break your heart by asking for a babysitter. When my chickadees where that little, I couldn't even imagine having them out of sight or arm's reach. But now they go off and play together while I paint or cook. :)

  2. Hey I just stumbled onto your blog- and I love that your from Austin! One of my favorite places...

    It does get so much easier! The first few months are just hard. Now that mine is 2, he can handle pretty much anything.