Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY (baby) mobile

I've made my baby a mobile!!! YAY! (i feel like i should say 'I've finally FINISHED making my baby a mobile).  I started making his mobile back in 2011 (you know, all of three months ago).  Actually, John and I both were all about the mobiles, we were going to make a few for redding and one for all of our soon-to-be-parents friends as well. BUT THEN, redding was born and out the door went that plan. :) oh well.

Because I wanted it to be pretty from an adult-size person's point of view AND a baby's point of view, I made the 3D like circles you see in the first picture (by cutting a slit in two circles and sliding them together).  
I strung the circles together with fishing wire (and a little hot glue to hold into place). 

redding looks confused in this picture... perhaps it's the (awesome!!!) mobile or perhaps it's because he is laying in his crib for the first time :)
happy happy friday!

p.s. dude, you totally don't have to have a baby to make one of these ... they're pretty to look at even if you're in your twenties

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