Wednesday, March 21, 2012

favorite spots: a picture's worth a thousand words

Have I mentioned John is a photographer? He is, and he is quite amazing.  Although i have no interest in exactly how he does it, he will never stop trying to explain it to me ... he buys old cameras on ebay and fixes them (a man who can fix things is somehow so much more of a man).
However, because of this, we have polaroids coming out of our ears.  Drawers are full. The refrigerator is covered. And now they are starting to show up other random places.
Honestly, I love it.

on a (quite adorable) side note, I thought redding was sleeping next to me on the couch and I just looked over to find him laying there smiling at me. oh, wednesdays are good.


  1. Yeah, what is it with dudes and over-explaining? James will go on endlessly about music -the gear, the process of songwriting, the production plans. I cannot keep up, but I love the music anyway! Great pictures- who doesn't love Polaroids?

  2. That is really fantastic! I love how you are displaying them all, that is pretty creative. Cute blog.

    Little Lady Little City