Wednesday, March 28, 2012

mommy brain

Sometimes I have these fabulous ideas of what to write about. I sit down to start typing ... and ... nothing.  There is nothing there.  It's not like writers block. It's actually blank (my mind, that is).
Sometimes, someone will be talking to me and I realize i've not processed a thing they've said .... for how long?
Are there mothers out there who know about this? How long does it last? Because i've also heard it called 'nursing brain' ... which terrifies me, because I'd like to nurse my baby for a long while ... does this mean I'm doomed to not have another clever conversation or cute blog post for over 2 years? eeek!

So, if you've wondered why I don't write witty captions to go along with my pictures ... this is why. there is nothing in my brain other than baby baby baby. (but I suppose that's the way nature intended it ...)

The size and structure of a females brain during pregnancy actually changes - lasting up to 6 months postpartum.  Yup a woman's brain actually shrinks.  
HEY, you should read this book if you have a lady brain, or love someone with a lady brain :

well, that's all for today kiddos- oh, and what better timing, I think I hear redding up from his nap  (my brain might have shrunk, but my ears are ever so perky).


  1. I have a two year old, and yeah, that wet brain is fo' realz. I work full-time as well as attempt to do creative things, and I swear i lose my mind nearly 5 times a day. FIVE.

  2. It may be that women's brains shrink a little as we become more focused on ONE THING, i.e. that most important thing: a tiny baby who depends on us entirely! (But I am very sceptical about these studies I must say).

    However I can say that I went back to work when my little boy was 9 months, continued to breastfeed and practise attachment parenting as much as possible, still nursing him now he's 21 months and feel like my brain is just fine! Sure it's hard to juggle everything but I still feel as creative and intelligent as ever, if not more so. This wasn't the case in the early months but I think that actually all my creativity and intelligence was just being chanelled in one hugely important direction. Now my little one is growing older and more autonomous (and sleeping better, lol!) I can channel some of those energies in multiple directions once again.

    I'll bet ultimately women's brains make many more connections (more important than size anyway) after having a baby since we have to juggle that incredibly powerful attention towards our baby with so many other things...

    And finally this WAS an awesome blog post: thought-provoking, personal & interesting with a beautiful drawing!! You rock! Keep on with the nursing, your brain can totally handle it! :)

    1. oh my goodness, thank you so much for that response! It is so encouraging to know how well you are doing at 9 months!