Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my closet: hipster mama

How is it that 'hipsters' have cornered the market on fake glasses. screw that. I've been wearing them since jr. high and loving it! :)

i don't actually own a hairbrush... when i use one i borrow johns. 

Culottes: vintage (from Prototype Vintage off of s. congress)
Belt: anthropology
Necklace: six flags over texas!!! (duh, it says my boyfriends name!) 
Boots: Timberland

The little guy was supposed to be in the photo shoot too (with the red bandana around his neck) but he fell asleep on the job! 


  1. Aww you are such a hipster though-- cool before it was cool! ;P

  2. Hhaaha, what slacker he is! Napping when its time to work. :) I love your shoes! Your style is cool and fun.

  3. hahaha.... I don't ever brush my hair, either! Following you! I hope we can be friends!

    love, polly

  4. oh my wow! you have the same, same, same hair as I do....but you make it look soooo fab...oh please share the how-you-do-thats of it...I'm a momma in need of all the help I can get! I have that cut, just not sure I have the chops ;-P