Monday, March 19, 2012

one year anniversary

 This week marks our one year of being 'Facebook official' ... and in this day and age, isn't that what matters???? (*snicker. giggle*).  And if you aren't so quick in the math department ... yes, we got pregnant after one month of 'officiality' (is that a word? if not, it should be).  Probably the best 'oops' of my life. no, not probably, definitely.  But, this post (for once) isn't about my sweet redding, it's about my man.  Who, just happens to be superman. 
Here is to our 2nd year together ... it will be difficult to top last year (well, actually, i won't be pregnant for the majority of it, so that, right there, gives us a head start). :)

the AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER  ... (and my very own sister!)

and a video montage of love: 



  1. i love you guys! can't wait to meet the new boys in your life :)

  2. yay! so awesome. here's to a most-marvelous year 2 for the most-marvelous you 2!!