Saturday, March 10, 2012

true blue

just a little impromptu photoshoot we had yesterday in the bathroom. I just love the moment that is captured in the family photo - john taking a picture, redding crying and i'm in the process of kissing him.
The head band is fabulous, isn't' it? I found it at 'new bohemia' on s. congress - bought it to wear with this little 40s frock i have, oh man that outfit is precious, some day i'll fit into it again and model it for this-here-blog.
happy happy weekend!


  1. The bathroom is such a great place for pictures! I so much love you pretty blue hair! The face framing bangs are really pretty. I wish I could find a giant bow too!

  2. These are great photos. I really love your hair, it's such a pretty color!

  3. Oh my god, how perfect is your hair?! These pictures are absolutely lovely <3

  4. i've said it before, but i'll say again---love love love your hair, and im so so so jealous :)
    i love that family shot too -- absolutely perfect. you should enter into a contest or something. or let me pin it all over the internets :) xoxo

  5. I LOVE your hair color, I wish so bad I could do that but my hair is so dark that it fell of my head after all the bleach I used trying to put some fun color. And While I wait for the diapers to come out of the washer I remembered your blog and came to check it out :) I must say I really like it and I get what you go thru a lot. Like one of your last post "I didn ask for this live" Oh boy do I feel you there. Getting pregnant at 21 wasn't on my agenda but 3 kids later I Love it, and I am so glad it happened that way. Well I can't believe I commented on your blog, I always want to but believe me my 10 moth old is not giving me much time lately. I can't even believe he is sleeping right now.