Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 months old!

About a week ago was redding's three month anniversary.  Look at how much my sweet boy has grown!!! 
I somehow manage be more and more in love with him everyday, how is that possible? 
Right now it's all about the hands, he is almost choking himself trying to stuff them in his mouth.  He isn't grabbing things yet, but I can tell it's right around the corner. 
This sweet baby is also grunting, squealing and starting to laugh! 


  1. So cute! Makes me feel all broody again ;)

  2. What a darling! He's a chunk! Good job, mama. My goal was to make my babies so breast-milk fat that they couldn't stand up due to cankles. Is that bad? It didn't work out either time simply because they got my wiry genes.