Thursday, April 5, 2012

favorite spots: blast from the past

This 'favorite spot' comes from a life that doesn't even feel like it was ever mine.  It was though, in 2008 (And, actually I'm so glad to find this picture in my mom's stash, because I thought I had none).  I somehow convinced my ex-husband to let me paint the wall turquoise, which bless his heart, probably caused him to have quite the ocd anxiety attack.  
I think I did really well with the space and furniture I had.  Everything we owned was a garage-sale purchase or hand-me-down (I could kick myself a thousand times for letting him keep that couch! isn't it fabulous? it had been my grandparents, bought in the early 70's).
Anyways, I just love the turquoise wall with the gold frames hanging 'gallery style' (I can't take the credit for that, it was my girlfriend katie's idea... she is quite the interior genius).
(have I mentioned I have quite the thing for vintage lamps ... be sure to notice the fabulous three here).

well, that little blast from the past is all for today.  We are now in crunch time for our artshow next month, so my blog posts will probably be pretty rare as i'm going to be focusing on painting.
love love love


  1. Yea man, that's a beautiful couch! Too too bad :( I love the gold and turquoise too, I've always loved that combo.

  2. I love this room. I would totally hang out there! And i'm actually a huge fan of 70's furniture. I wish I could find a sofa like that.

  3. awesome, awesome, and more awesome! The turquoise wall was a bold move but the right move! Thanks for sharing this (and yes, you should have kept the couch!)

  4. That couch (and all of the pillows) is pretty amazing! I love the paint color. I tried to spring it on my husband for our bathroom or kitchen and it was a no go. So pretty.