Thursday, April 26, 2012

meatless monday: roasted red bell pepper (& everything else) hummus!

I know they say 'less is more' and I probably believe this to be true with most cooking.  Hummus however is quite different.  I believe hummus is where you can through all your miscellaneous veggies at the end of the week.   
If you want plain jane:
chickpeas (garbanzo beans... which happens to be the name of my kitty cat)
olive oil

what I added this week:
roasted red bell pepper (1/2)
roasted garlic (2 cloves)
corn (more than a tablespoon?)
tomato (raw)
cashews (2 tablespoons-ish)

*when all this is in food processor, I just slowly poor in water until it is the consistency I want, i know some people do it with oil, I just find it... well... too oily that way.

I know it's kinda a sad picture. I cook at night so the lighting is bad. and if you remember from my last meatless monday, I am knew to the whole food-photography thing.

happy vegan cooking!

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