Wednesday, April 18, 2012

meatless monday: sweet potato & black bean enchiladas

This post has many disclosures. First, I am aware it is not monday, however 'meatless wednesday' just doesn't have the same ring to it.  Second, you should know I have very very strong feelings against posting about food ('nom nom' makes my skin crawl) ... why OH why would all your Facebook friends care what you are eating for lunch? (I don't care how cool instagram makes your breakfast tacos look, i don't want to see them).
Now this being said, I need to cook (and make the occasional mixed drink *cough cough*) as much as the next mommy, so I do appreciate when there are blog entries with recipes. 

OK, so now why do you ask am I posting about food? WELL, I will tell you.  
I don't eat meat. and for years I was vegan, although that ended when I became pregnant a year ago becoming too tired and lazy (a lazy vegan will eat lots of processed food- which I feel, is the most crucial thing to watch out for while growing people).  Annnnywho, I read once that if everyone just cut animal products out of there diet for ONE DAY, then not only would there be an extreme amount of animals saved, but it would also be the equivalent of taking a certain amount of cars off the road (forgive me for forgetting the details ... mommy brain?).
SO, that is it ... 'meatless monday' is really just an idea to get people to cut out meat, if even just for one meal.

Ingredients I used: (be aware, I use what I have, please let me know if you change ingredients according to what you have and how it ended up!) :)

1 can of organic black beans
2 sweet potatoes 
green bell pepper
salt & pepper to taste
Monterey Jack cheese (vegan- daiya cheese) 
with corn tortillas

vegetable broth
canned green chilies 
chili powder

preheat oven to 375
While you're boiling sweet potatoes (make them mashable), start to saute the garlic, green bell pepper and jalepano.  When done with both, mash the potatoes and mix in the pepper mixture and well rinsed can of black beans. set aside filling.
fry the corn tortillas for a few seconds so that are more pliable. 
mix together sauce ingredients (umm, so I don't really know measurements, I just felt it out ... probably cup or so of broth, two cups of green chilies, a spoonful of cornstarch and a dash of chili powder... ?)
fill and roll tortillas in a baking pan, sprinkle on cheese (or cheese substitute) and spread sauce on the very top.
put in oven for about 15 minutes (haha, wow, I should become more exact, sorry!)


happy happy cooking!
and to all mommies out there who have time OR don't have time to cook, you are doing a REALLY good job!

and if you don't like yummy veg. food, then here is an adorable picture of my son for your time:


  1. I totally have these ingredients on hand! I'm making this tomorrow! :) I'm a vegetarian and I love the idea of Meatless Monday, too. I've read the stats and keep hoping more people give it a try. :) Thanks for the recipe!