Wednesday, April 4, 2012


well, my mother, redding and I went back to round top antique show yesterday.  And, I have to say, my baby is such a trooper, it was so hot and muggy and he made it through... as did we.  and I definitely found a few more goodies.  everything I bought (again) was for the purpose of making art. so I will be excited to post about my projects as I make them!!!

I found most of the pieces from Sandy Schor co. ... which happens to be my oldest and closest friend's father's shop. He has thousands upon thousands of beads, buttons, parts and pieces.  However they only sell at shows like this one, BUT, my bf's sister has a store HERE in my very own austin!!! bead it is on south lamar and you should definitely stop by if you are ever in the neighborhood!


  1. I love those photos :)
    amazing post!!

  2. Those are some beautiful finds! I love antiquing so much.

  3. hmm... i'm going to be in austin this weekend. it will be my first time in the city. i'm coming to town with my boyfriend but he'll be at a conference early in the morning till the evening which means i have a bunch of time to putter around town. i'll stop by here. do you have any more ideas of things to do? weather permitting, i want to find a river/lake to submerge myself in.
    anyways, thank you for the inspiration!

    1. girl! I'm so excited for you! I loooove austin. As far as vintage is concerned, of course S. congress is great, but incredibly busy. I also love the shops on North Loop (there are three - hog wild, room service & ermine).
      I'd also definitely hit up the green belt, if you're wanting to do some hiking & swimming- i hear it's full!
      I hope you have fun!!!