Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Life Gives You a Dress, Play Dress-up

Over the weekend, someone with the best of intentions, gave me a bridal gown.  Now, I will let you sit with that a minute and figure out how it would make you feel.  Just assume I felt the same way.  If I had ever imagined receiving such a gift, I'm not sure what I would have expected to feel, but I guarantee it wouldn't have been excitement. But, it was! My cousin emily and I have always LOVED playing dress-up and having photoshoots (I need a reminder to dig up old photos).  We were then thrilled to have another costume and an excuse to go up into my grandparents attic an shoot some photos!!! here are a few favs

It was just like being (7, 12 or 21) again playing dress-up with emily in the attic, although this was the first time I had to take breaks and go check on my sleeping baby! 


  1. Wish we lived close enough to hang out! Dress up and pictures are the steak and potatoes of existence around here!

  2. I totally just made up captions in my mind about these photos! The one on the phone was, "Dude, what do you mean you're sleeping with your step father and the wedding is off?" I'm a sicko. It looks like you had fun annnnd I love your hair color!

    1. that's SO funny, those were TOTALLY the conversations we were having!!! hahaaaa. the best part is that the phone is so old, it's not actually connected to anything, so we would just walk around with it.

  3. These pics are ah-mazing !! haha, love it.