Thursday, May 10, 2012

crafty mother's day cards

ok, wow, I am trying to write this post as i finish watching Pearl Harbor.  I always make fun of michael bay movies, but I am seriously crying my eyes out right now.  ahh, geez as if the bombing of pearl harbor wasn't sad enough, they've got to add in this horrific love triangle story. whew. sad sad.

BUT, HEY!!! Mother's day is around the corner! and I've been working on some fun cards I thought I'd share with you!
I had fun making these for redding's grandmothers.  Although I do think they'd be cuter if you had little kids, babies are just so adorably fat... which doesn't come off to well in silhouettes.  But, grandmas love anything that have to do with their grandchildren, right?
And, if you don't have kids, I bet your mom would love one from a childhood photo of you.

The steps are pretty straight forward, and you can see them in the pictures... have fun creating!!!

And incase you weren't around then, here is some other paper art I've made (along with a little stop-motion video).
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Loved it! Super cute and a sweet keepsake to remember that adorable little baby profile! Love ya! Mommy