Sunday, May 20, 2012

A crafty paint-chip banner to brighten up any occasion

I was planning on posting this fabulous paint-chip banner yesterday, but was carried away with family fun.  Redding is finally at the age (4 mos.) that we can get out and have some fun ... and so we have.  The last two days have been full of bike-riding friends, hiking, river swimming and iced-coffee drinking.  Now we are all sun kissed and wonderfully worn-out on this warm sunday evening. 

But in other news, I have some pics for you of my crafty, little paint-chip banner. Perfect for just about any occasion. Have I mentioned that you should always have a stack of paint-chips lying around? (they're free!!! get them at home depot!!! just what you need for all your on-the-spot art projects!)
And, you don't have to use ric-rac, any ol' ribbon will do.
make one! it's easy like sunday morning!



  1. nice! i love those paint chips.

  2. That banner is great. But your hair and that dress are super much great!!!

    1. oh thanks! The hair is ever changing ... I can never seem to get it the color I want. Oh well, it's fun to be constantly dying it.

  3. I am pinching this idea, it's fab! Imagine if we could choose hair dye like we choose paints :)