Saturday, May 26, 2012

loving a little style for the men folk

Tie & Socks: nordstroms
Shirt: old navy (what??!!! awesome)
Jeans: vans
Shoes: asics 

I am absolutely lovin' on this fine piece of man today.  He had the brilliant idea for me to go out on 'the caffeine cruise' (an austin bike ride)  this morning, and said he would watch the baby (wooo! bike ride!)
He is just such a good dad and an amazing boyfriend. mmmmmm, I love this one.
I hope you're enjoying whoever it is that you love tonight.


  1. i am enjoying the man i love but it's post like this that remind me to tell him! i love how i can feel your passion - it's so real and honest. and very very cool that he encouraged you to get out while he watched the baby.

    1. sometimes we need reminders. honestly it was a blog post from 'wakeuplovely' that reminded me I finally needed to get to a pile of sweet comments! So, thank you for stopping by! and commenting! <3