Monday, May 21, 2012

pretty stoked on FOUR MONTHS!

So much has happened in the last couple weeks with this guy (who, by the way looks pretty stoked to be four months).  He has started grabbing things; toys, hands, books, food... you name it, he wants it.  My favorite has to be when he grabs my nose or chin with those precious, little, sticky hands.
We have had one roll from front to back, a mysterious roll that I did not witness, and he has yet to do it again.
This month is also all about standing.  Redding just wants to lock those knees and stand. all. the. time.  It's actually a sure way to get him to stop crying. silly little goober.
He has moved past staring at window blinds, but is still loving the ceiling fan. and books.  I have never known a baby so young who loves when you read him books, his favorite this month are 'Just like my daddy' and 'Not the Hippopotamus.'
gosh darn how is it possible to love a person so much? every day I think I've capped out on the amount I can love and it is somehow intensified the next day.
I hope everyone is have a fabulous monday!
<3 andrea


  1. What an adorable post! Pics AND prose! Sweet little baby boy! Muah!

  2. ohmygoodness. i literally cannot handle the cuteness in this post. especially that last pic. this is going to be one of those pics i come back to just when i need a smile. :D