Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wrapping paper schrapping paper, who needs it?

Not you! ... or me! Look at how darling theses presents were wrapped in fabric scraps and ribbon! 
I'm Loving it.
Perhaps you're like me though (and most children out there), and half the joy of opening presents is ripping off the paper ... well I'd just tell you to use those paper bags stacking up in the pantry from every time you forget to bring your own bag to the grocery store... (what? you don't forget...? I'm the worst person in the world? it's me? I'm the reason they have the signs in the parking lot 'don't forget your reusable bag' ... TOO LATE! I needed that sign on my door at home!)  I digress.
But, even a brown paper sack could be gorgeous with a little crayon and glitter love! try it! 
Let's up-cycle! 

It is beautifully rainy here in austin today.  And I'm just loving it.   This morning Redding and I just laid in bed with the window open watching the rain (well, he watched and squealed, I drifted in and out of sleep.  Only to be awoken by him slapping my face or kicking my stomach. Oh the wigglyness of a 4 month old when they are excited. Probably the only time, ever, you're not even the slightest bit angry at being kicked and slapped.

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  1. Those are gorgeous!
    I've wanted to steer from wasting more paper for presents for a long time. (apart from the totally awesome nerdy paper from Thinkgeek.com!) I've always wanted to use comics.