Friday, June 8, 2012

songs for lovers

My little brother and his special lady got engaged a couple days ago! YAY for love!
I made them a little mix-tape to celebrate!
This is more of an Indie-love-mix ... I suppose.  I was just trying to stay away from the classic love songs and find stuff that perhaps they hadn't heard before.  Although a couple of them aren't love songs ... just lovely songs. Whatever, just listen to them and enjoy!

1. Rogue Wave Eyes
2. Elliott Smith    Say Yes
3. Fang Island     Treeton
4. She & Him      I Was Made for You
5. Avalanche City    Love Love Love  
6. Bright Eyes     First Day of My Life
7. Iron & Wine    Such Great Heights
8. Barry Louis Polisar    All I Want Is You
9. Lissie Little Lovin'
10. Good Old War      Loud Love (Demo) [Bonus Track]
11. Bon Iver     Skinny Love
12. Old Crow Medicine show      Wagon wheel
13. Liz Home
14. The Decemberists     Red Right Ankle
15. Florence + The Machine      You've Got the Love
16. The White Stripes     Hotel Yorba
17. Cat Power     Sea of Love
18. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros     Home

Oh and for song #13. this is liz ... I love this girl, she is so crazy talented.  She actually doesn't have 'home' up on the myspace, but check out the other songs anyways.


  1. I think you have awfully good taste in music, however I did enjoy the baby butt as well;) too freakin cute. Wagon wheel is one of my fave songs ever and cat power my absolute favorite artist of all time. She's magical. Plus, several others I like an awful lot :)

  2. All of these songs make me feel all tingly inside : )!! some of them I've never heard before and I'm so glad I did. Thanks Andrea!! One of my favorite indie-type quirky love songs is Animal Collective's 'the purple bottle'. If you haven't heard it, you should give it a go. Oh, and that is a mighty cute baby bottom!! It doesn't get any cuter than that.

    1. oh, I will go listen to it right now! thanks girl!

  3. baby butt picture = straight up the cutest thing I have seen all week

    and I love making mix tapes! my itunes is filled with playlists for all sorts of random occasions.

  4. Awesome playlist. Yay, Fang Island!

    1. ummm, YEAH! you know of Fang Island!??? I'm so glad! They are sort-of-buddies of mine (and by that, I am good friends with a good friend of theirs and there for have hung out with them a few times). ANYWAYS, great guys and FABULOUS music! I can't wait (can't wait can't wait) for the new album!!!!
      hooray for good music!