Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding: purple & green with a vintage flare

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my brother recently  proposed to his love.  Well, what I didn't say is that they were/are planing a two month engagement (eeeek! those crazy love-birds!)
The past few days my mother and I went to visit them in the dfw area to try and help with wedding planning.  And you know what I've decided? Being newly engaged is the worst time ever to plan a wedding! All you want to do is sit around and gaze into each other's eyes! (awww) <3  It is the time you probably care least about the color of ribbons and table cloths.  Which is (TOTALLY) fine.  Anyways, they have decided on a intimate, house wedding with minimal flowers and frills, just the people they love, vows and cake. (go them, huh?) 

While thinking of weddings though, I started to remember some other beautiful weddings.  First, I will share with you my darling sister's special day. Take note, because I will share with you some creative tips to help decorate your own wedding (all credited to my amazing mother). 

Guest book table: why have a picture of just the bride & groom? The parents wedding photos add history and love!
Vintage suitcases (thrift!) for the programs adds character to your sign in table as well, and if it's too large, just add a flower arrangement.
Bring props for your photographs,  these are some very reasonable priced letters you can find at Hobby Lobby.  You could also bring tennis racquets, the game of monopoly... you know, whatever y'all are into!
Because both of their names begin with the letter 'M', there were jars/cups of m&ms placed on every table :)
Also on tables: old photographs of happy couples within the family (but heck, you can find cool old photographs in many vintage stores, you don't have to keep the photos in the family. Any happy couple would add spark to your tables.

reoccurring colors help stress your 'theme'
Because scrabble is this couple's favorite game, we placed game pieces all over the dining room spelling out 'sweet-little-nothings'.  My favorite was 'the ol' ball and chain' :)
Another suitcase for guests to place cards and letters (also filled with old family photos).
Having a cool old jar (or in this case a gravy boat) to place pens in at the sign-in table can help reiterate your colors/theme... and just looks cute! 

I just love the black and white patterns with all the green and purple, it definitely made for an elegant wedding.  Of course, it helped that the couple was absolutely adorable :)

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