Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cross country thrifting #1

Recently one of my best girlfriends came to visit.  On her drive to texas from Northern California, she said she stopped at a thrift store in almost every town. Wooo! That's my kind of road trip.

Honestly, I never viewed her much as a fashionista (sorry sarah), she has much more of a yogi-cyclist-comfortable feel. However, while showing me her finds, she offered some awesome advice.  (especially for me, since I haven't dared going to a savers with a baby.  That has just seemed way to overwhelming). 

Her first tip was this: The belt.  I know, I know ... nothing new.  But I never seem to have the time for them anymore.  I realized that I should change this though, a fun belt can completely spark up the simplest dress.  AND right now super thin belts and fat belts are in style... oh the options!

Sundresses with cowboy boots. so good. Is this in style everywhere else? or is it just one of those austin things?
So, We are going to have nonstop fashion this week! featuring all of sarah's cross country thrifting goodies and tips.
Happy Tuesday darlings!


  1. Man, this is making me want some cowboy boots...

  2. thrift stores= <3 i need to wear my cowboy boots more! with sundresses, that's a great idea :)