Thursday, July 12, 2012

cross country thrifting #3

sarah's tip #3: Mom-Butt is IN STYLE!!!

(ok, that's more of a style tip than a thrifting tip... but, I'll take it).
ok, but in all seriousness.  It is in style! So grab those awkward high-wasted, pleated pants (skirts, skorts or even culottes) and throw 'em on.  The more long and momish your butt looks the hipper you will be.  Oh, what? you remember tip number one about the belt? ok! put the belt on higher (like pictured below).

ok, so really, we were cracking up while talking about how true this mom-butt style situation is.  Now sarah has gone back to california and my heart hurts. :(   But, I am so lucky to have such a good girlfriend.

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  1. Ahhhh I laughed so much at my desk. Must be on trend. But seriously, it is coming back.