Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY: scrapbook with a vintage hardcover

This just might be my favorite DIY to date.  Which is encouraging because about half way through the project (It was a guest book for my brother's wedding), I contacted his fianc√© in distress (using very 'choice' words) about how awful it was going to be.  BUT, look! I kept on going, and it turned out adorable ... if I don't say so myself!
You should make one too! It would make such a fabulous journal.
what you need:
1. hard cover book
2. heavy weight paper (about 1/3 as many sheets as there are pages in the book)
3. exacto knife
4. Zip Dry paper glue 
what you might want:
1. paper edge cutter things (to get that lace edge)
2. photo corners - if you are using it as a scrap book
ok, this is what I did, However if you have a better idea I'd love to know it!
  • With an exacto knife I cut out the pages of the book.  Leaving about an inch and a half. (Saving pages for another art project!!!)
  • Making sure my heavy-weight paper was the right size for the book, I then punched out the lace shape.
  • I put glue on both sides of my heavy-weight paper and stuck it between two of the inch-long original pages.
  • This paper is so much thicker then the original book paper you might want to do one heavy-weight page where there were before 3 or 4 pages.  If so, I would then cut those extra pages down even further (or rip them out if you have a steady hand - but don't do that if your original spine is super delicate).

Look at how adorable my brother and his adorable bride were! (he and I picked out her dress. ooh ooh! maybe I'll do a fashion post about it!)

Well, that is it for now dearies.  I am very anxious to know if you make one and how it turns out!


  1. That is GORGEOUS! I freakin' LOVE how you did it. I need to start crafting more. Sighhh.

  2. This project just sparked like three other ones in my head. Super great and original idea!

    Do you know what weight paper you used or what kind? Like card stock, watercolor, or 60 lb?

    You def have a new subscriber in me!

  3. Ouuu this is usch a clever way to go about it - LOVE this idea! I definitely want to try it!


  4. ohhhhhhh. I love this. I'm adding this to my crafting to-do list. So glad I found you in the blog hop. ♥

    1. good! me too! it was hard work, but totally worth it!

  5. Love this! I might do this for my daughter's baby book.