Monday, July 23, 2012

today's favorite things

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings are a modern soul band, which completely capture the essence of 60's soul... I believe it's done not only by the style of the music but also by the sound (the way it was recorded).
The old Fisher-Price toys.  Now, how will my son ever know what this is supposed to be?
The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.  Don't ask, just go get it.
Clarks shoes.  I know they make you think of the wallabee style ... which, either will remind you of Grandmas or rappers. BUT, they also make adorable shoes (see above) and they are comfy as all get out. 
How could you not love this guy?


  1. he is adorable & i love his little outfit!

    1. alex, I'm so glad you left this comment. I just looked up your blog and am obsessed! I am so excited to follow you!