Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding: cheap, easy, colorful.

My mother and I are back to brainstorming ideas for my brothers wedding (tic toc, the clock is ticking, they will be wed in 19 days).  This did remind me to post these pictures from another wedding we did together.  Perhaps this is awkward because said wedding didn't work out.  But, we live, we learn, we grow ... and we begin to appreciate our past.  (If you haven't picked up on it, yes, this was my wedding.  I have many thoughts on marriage, divorce, commitment and I would love to share them with you... but that is for another time).
Today, though... let's just enjoy this adorable party my mom and I put together! (And on a VERY tight budget).

wedding tips for those on a tight budget:
  • Use what you have! We had tons of dishes (vintage and otherwise), we just mixed and matched them on top of vintage table cloths (we already had), to end up with a eclectic, picnic look- ADORABLE!
  • Hand made! We made our own place settings with scrap paper, ring-bearer pillow & kissing balls  (What are kissing balls, you ask?).  see all above.
  • Get the bridesmaids dresses at anthropologie ... or somewhere else that they can purchase their own dresses to wear again.
  • Using a few roles of ribbon, you can reiterate your color-theme through out your party (tied around the mason jars, vases, bouquets and sacks of rice.
  • Top budget idea (which I no longer suggest, as I think it's more trouble then it's worth): have the wedding in your own backyard.
AND, tomorrow is July the fourth! Stay tuned as tonight I (hope) to have a festive drink recipe for you!
happy tuesday y'all!


  1. Those colors were awesome!

  2. Well, if you go down that road again w/Acker, you won't have to change the monograms... ; )
    I had NO idea you were a divorcee, too. More love to you every time I read this, Andrea.

    1. girl, it's so crazy that there are all these kids your ride with once a week and know nothing about. It's like when I got pregnant all these parents came out of the woodwork, that I had NO idea they were parents. nuts. Anyways, we TOTALLY need to sit down to coffee some time! I want to hear about your past too!

  3. Love the pictures of the shoes!