Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7 months old

Well, we are about a week late on taking these 7 month photos.  I just kept on waiting for the happy-getting-photographed-mood.  That, however, never came.  So instead we just finally did his little photoshoot while he was sad.  Oh well, it really captures the way things are in my house these days. (how can one be so gosh-darned cute, even while so upset!?) 

Well my sweet little guy is seven months old, and oh man! The sh*t has hit the fan!  Is this normal? My happiest and most easy going baby has developed separation anxiety.  We are talking separation at any level.  I eat all my meals sitting right next to him.  He won't happily play unless we are physically in contact.  And lord help my back, because I just can't wear 24lbs (ish) of him all day long.  
Not to mention both his top teeth came through a day apart (ouch!) 
And, poop. There just isn't any.  We are not anywhere near where I thought we'd be by now with solid foods, because everything just causes constipation (poor baby!) and gas! oh oh man. 

We are not sleeping.  
Therefore we are definitely not blogging (incase you haven't noticed the lack of posts).

But, amidst all this frustration (oh, did I mention the constant teeth grinding?) He is learning amazing new things.  He rolls around for hours (and yes, he has fallen off the bed three times... please tell me I am not the only one!)  His vocal development and experimenting is too precious for words.  Although there are no 'baba''mama''dada' he does have theses great sighs/screams/singing noises that just crack me up.
I know crawling is just around the corner and I can't wait! Until then we will try to survive on this little amount of sleep and just keep loving this precious child.


  1. oh, man, he is too stinkin' cute!
    I was wondering when Attikus was going to start grinding his teeth. My other two did it, and it is an ear killer! Attikus got his teeth late. He's turning ONE tomorrow and has almost 5 teeth. All my boys went through a 'no poop' or big gaps in time between poops. Totally normal.
    Xavier fell off the bed once and Attikus wants to. He wakes around 5 to nurse and sometimes doesn't want to go back to sleep, instead he wants to crawl all over mommy and pull on the blinds and such causing me many near-heart attacks. Oliver gave me difficulties with seperation anxiety but eventually got over it. He turns THREE saturday and I have to man-handle him to get him to snuggle with me.
    aaaah boys.
    before you know it, they're talking your ear off, and the only thing they will talk about is video games, dinosaurs, spongebob, or whatever the current obsession is. (i'm such a boy mom!)

  2. Aw how cute! he's a week older than my lil guy :)

  3. I hear you on the singing/screaming/Tibetan throat chanting.

    Calvin is almost 8 months and he had trouble with the poops too when we started the solids, so we started mixing prune puree with everything. He really likes it. (We make our own puree, just soak the prunes in boiling or hot water, then blend the water and the prunes.) Then he just got better at digesting it I guess and the prunes were retired to the pantry.

    Our sleep is currently being interrupted by Calvin getting up to sitting in the middle of the night, just flopping forward over his legs and crying when he is uncomfortable trying to sleep like that. Cute and annoying simultaneously.

  4. I am right there with you! My son is almost 8 months- no teeth yet but they are coming and EVERYTHING else you described is DEAD ON for me (even crawling off the bed! My first did that also, Mommy never learns). I need sleep :) Hang in!