Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Cure for the Hormonal Day

Are you having a hormonal day?  I'm not saying I am ... but. if I was, I would go cut some flowers (weeds?) from my front yard and put them in bottles on my window seal. and smile.
(don't have flowers in your front yard... steal some from your neighbors. Surely they'll understand when they see your tear-stained face and your stomping feet).

haha. oh dear. I hate the pms days.  It really feels like I'm living in a cloud and can't think straight.  and I know my emotions don't match the situations. blehuuug.
flowers. in jars. or bottles
flowers make it better.  :)
love love love


  1. ohh my gosh... i lOVE putting flowers in used bottles! I give them away as gifts, too! LOVE this post :))))

    thank you so much for your kind thoughts about Bella's shoot :)))))

    I really appreciate it!

    love, polly :)

  2. this sounds like a wonderful idea... i could have used this last week, haha!

    1. uggg, sorry! (I mean sorry if you had a rough week). Sometimes I just need to hibernate, you know? and if I do, I need flowers inside. (this also means I stay off the computer too ... maybe not so good for the whole blogging thing... but good for me :)