Friday, August 31, 2012

Boy picks girl ... Boy picks dress

If you recall, recently my little brother and his beautiful fiancé said "I Do".  But, what we didn't discuss was The Dress.
It all started with a phone call.  Before you find out about the call, you should know, I didn't know Katrina.  My brother called me to tell me he'd met a girl (which of course led to phone calls to and from my sister and mother about said 'girl').  Things turned quickly to serious.  And I knew the wedding planning was beginning before I would even get a chance to meet Katrina.
So I called her.
I asked if she needed any help to let me know.
I casually throughout there that in Austin there are a surplus of vintage shops. all with vintage wedding dresses.
and that I could shop around for her.
She took me up on my offer. Not knowing me from Adam. (I'd like to call her 'crazy', but really she's just crazy-easy-going).

The following week my brother flew into Texas, and I had the privilege of picking him up from the airport.  I'm not sure if it was his idea or mine, but either way, we decided to go vintage wedding dress shopping.
You have it right. The groom and the Sister in Law were shopping for the bride's gown.    He scoffed at many a dress I loved as we dragged my poor 5 month old from shop to shop.  Until we found this (dress below).
I wasn't impressed.
But, he, knowing his bride, said "yes, this would look beautiful on her."
I have attached the phone picture (below) that we sent to Katrina to check out. And go figure, she trusted her groom!!! (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my man, but I don't know if I would ever trust him to pick out my wedding dress!)   and thank goodness she did, because the vintage wedding dress turned out absolutely lovely and just looked perfect on her! (ahem! eighty dollars! ahem, cough cough!!!!) wowza!

The pictures are from here and here.  
OH, and yes her Wedding dress cost eighty dollars.  
You don't even want to know what the wedding budget was (amazingly cheap).  That's right... happily ever after does not have to cost that much y'all! (for more cheap wedding ideas you can look at this and this).
love love love


  1. awww, that's such a gorgeous dress! yay for vintage lace :3

  2. Beautiful! :D He has great taste! My boyfriend would probably want me to get married in jeans, so I'll be making my dress decision myself. ;)

  3. my wedding dress was about the same price on ebay (I wanted green!) I wouldn't have changed a thing. We were married with 2 witnesses and 2 friends and there was snow... the perfect wedding day for me!

    the dress and photos are beautiful!