Saturday, August 18, 2012

busy in Tejas

One of my best girlfriends is in town. She is actually my cousin and perhaps you remember her from here or here.  I absolutely adore her and as you can see my son does too. We've been busy over the past few days showing her all around Austin as well as our beautiful Hill Country (perhaps you've heard of Luckenbach Texas?)
Well, my guests are still in town but I thought I'd post a few pictures from our day today.
I hope your weekend is also going fabulously! 

Luckenbach Texas by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson on Grooveshark


  1. So awesome- I've lived in Texas for 8 years and have never made it to Luckenbach. Need to!

  2. So, I have no idea how I came about your blog -this tends to happen when I can't sleep: I scroll and click and search around the interwebs till I land on something interesting. Tonight I landed here and I read your about me and laughed when you said you curse like a sailor (so do I). It's really funny because when I started this blog less than a year ago, I told myself that I'd keep my potty mouth under wraps here so as not to offend anyone. But slowly I started to just slip up with "shit" or "asshole" here and there, but didn't feel bad because in my eyes I was just being a passionate speaker and sometimes thoughts don't come out as expressive as when you involve a curse word. Plus, I think my blog friends have caught on to my humor, as best as 'new friends' could catch on to your humor through only text. Anywho, I read further and saw you live in Austin. I'm a native Texan myself; born and raised in San Antonio. Well, till I was 18. I visit home a couple times a year and now that I'm an aunt to my brother and sister's kids I want more than ever to come back to the motherland. Not necessarily San Antonio, but I have brought up time and time again to my husband, the idea of moving to Austin. We love Austin. It's like a mini Vegas with the southern hospitality of course. And we lived in Vegas for four years and me always wanting to go back there, well, that's not gonna happen. So, Austin it is. At least in my head right now. Thennnn, I see this post of yours about Luckenbach and I knew right then and there that we just had to be friends. I mean, we should totally be friends. :) One of these trips back to Texas my husband and I are FINALLY going to make the drive to good ol' Luckenbach, listening to the song on repeat the whole way there of course.
    Nice to meet you. I'm Roni :)