Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite things

Favorite things this week:

1. Big Star.  
A 1970s band who's leader was Alex Chilton... I doubt you've heard of him, actually.  But, you've probably heard a few of their songs which have been covered (some more notably by Cheap Trick).  But I love this band.  There are not only very soulful songs but also fun dancing songs.  I will embed a song at the end of this post- my favorite big star song that is always a huge encouragement to me.

2. A boyfriend who brings home flowers ... even when I'm not crazy about that particular flower, I'm always (always) crazy about the boyfriend.

3. Expensive candles from Anthropologie. I can't help it. It's my weakness.

4. A Visit from the Goon Squad
A pulitzer prize winning novel, from 2010. Genius. The book is compiled of many short stories, each one being connected to the last, until of course, you come full circle.  Egan somehow manages to develop every single character so well that in each you become full engrossed in the story, only to disappointed with the chapter ends and you have to move on to the next character.  Only to have it happen again.  What really blows my mind is how many different voices she has- for example when I write, it always sounds like me.  But, she somehow manages to have each chapter sound like a completely different person. Does that make sense? OH well, just read it.  It is somewhat heavy though.  Not sad or depressing ... just heavy (insert back to the future joke here).
(notice someone ripped off the cover of my book while I was sleeping... I'm not going to mention any names, but it was not John). :)

Thanks for all the encouraging words on the last post(s)
I haven't been able to respond to each comment individually yet, but I do read and appreciate them. Y'all are awesome!

The Ballad of El Goodo by Big Star on Grooveshark


  1. I have picked up that book so many times in Barnes and Noble, and flipped through it. Maybe next time I should actually buy it :)

  2. hmm, that book looks quite intriguing :3 added to my goodreads list!