Friday, August 10, 2012

mid-century modern ... a search for 'home'

Even though we all know 'home is where the heart is' (I have a tattoo on my chest to prove it), your 'home' (so to speak) needs a place to rest it's head at night.  John and I have been in search for just that.  

We are buying our first home!!! (whooops and hollers inserted here).  

... or trying to anyways, it has been such an emotional roller coaster!  I won't get into the details but if you've been through it then you also know.  As soon as you get all adjusted with your furniture moved in and arranged (all mentally of course), something turns up wrong with the house/your offer/etc, and it's time to vacate and start the search all over.

Well, today I think we found our house.  I've been excited about a couple other homes, but with reservations.  This one is perfect ... or will be after some work.  But it's a midcentury house on a humongous lot (room for playing/farming/dogs/chickens/goats/ ...a someday swimming pool (ha?).

And although it needs new floors (yuck brown 70's carpet! eeek) everything else is in good condition and the bathroom tile is original and simply dreamy! (*sigh, oh how I love pink bathrooms).  Of course I immediately got on pinterest (duh) and started  to look at midcentury furniture to make my dream 'home'.  (which will just lead to a further drop on the roller coaster if they don't accept our offer).  Oh well, but for now let's look at gorgeous rooms :

all the sources can be found here
Ten points if you know what that last picture is from! :)  (hmm, just looking at it makes me want to turn on some instant netflix tonight and watch some reruns).
lots of love honeys!

(sidenote: the house we want hasn't been on the market 24 hours yet and our realtor just called to tell us they've had two other offers... so we're having to jump up our game. shhheeesh, sometimes you have to hate -be so frustrated with- austin tx).


  1. Every single chair pictured = AMAZING.

    I love the step-down in the last picture of Don & Megan's place. haha Although, Don never seems to appreciate it. ;]

  2. Oh these are dreamy. I do love mid century. I always come back to it :)

  3. oh my gosh, we are totally in love with midcentury houses too (for the most part although sometimes the layouts are just plain nonsense;)! there are actually some cute ones here in atlanta that we've wanted to look day...i look forward to seeing you decorate! :)

  4. Drool! Especially pic number 2. Those colours are ace.