Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm super stoked to share with you my favorite new (mama) business: The Milk it Kit.  The owner not only has a great product, but also adorably retro taste, which makes her Back to work Survival kit like Vintage eye-candy.  
Courtney emailed me a while back to talk about my breast feeding images and share with me her product.  I immediately asked if I could post about it on my blog, wanting to get behind this awesome business.  Check her out y'all! It would make a great back-to-work gift for yourself or another nursing mommy friend.
Here is a link to her blog, which is also full of breastfeeding/mommy goodness.
and you can Shop here.

of course, this sticker is not for wearing ... but it's just so freakin' cute! I had to stick it on for some photos! :)

What I'm wearing:
Jeans: Tommygirl from TJmaxx
Shirt: vintage
Earrings: vintage 
Shoes: so old I can't remember where I got them ... but I bet it was tjmaxx ;)

lots of love to y'all in the middle of this (almost) unbearable hot week!



  1. Just noticing the new hair color! Looks great! Those products would have been neat when I worked!

    1. thanks girl! I've been meaning to do a 'make-over' like post... erggg, but haven't been able to get to the computer much this last week.

  2. Aw I want it !. Especially love the little door signs , hate it when someone barges in and Im stuck there with my boobie out :)

    1. yes, i know! it's always SO incredibly awkward. hahaha.

  3. That would be a fantastic gift for a new mummy.. brilliant! I think that is a great sticker. Maybe she could make a badge like that (pin I think you call them over there - like a brooch)I would wear it with pride!

    Great post..

    1. great idea! I would too! (I still love to have little pins in my jean jacket!)

    2. Thanks for the idea, ladies! So glad you like the designs :) - Courtney of

  4. Andrea - Thank you so much for the awesome post! Your style and your husband's photography have captured the essence of the Kit.

    Would love to thank you and your readers for liking and sharing by offering 25% off Milk It Kit with Discount code: strawberry. {note: there is also Free Shipping on all orders (in the US) right now due to August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month} -- Courtney of Milk It