Wednesday, August 22, 2012

one can dream

I assume you've figured out, since I haven't written about it since, that we didn't get the house I wrote about last week. I was actually (incredibly) depressed about it. So silly, isn't it to get so upset about something that was never yours to begin with... but in my mind it was! (my therapist has told me I have a very vivid imagination...) :)
I have made a few decisions about the house though.  I need windows. and a place to put a rocking chair. That's it.  Give me old (or, even worse: new!).  Give me linoleum. You could even give me travertine (please, no). I just want cheap so we have extra money to do the things I really want (see first picture below).

However, this is the internet... and therefore we can dream. So, here are a few pictures of dream homes houses: (oh and yes, that house 5 down, is totally from Anne of Green Gables! ;)

So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright by Simon and Garfunkel on Grooveshark

The first and last houses are definitely my absolute favorites ... and I wouldn't call those 'dreams' but rather 'goals' :)  

p.s. I take back the travertine thing.


  1. i love 1,2,& 4 the most (i quite like all of them) i've always been a fan of houses that look like barns or houses that used to be churches. when i was little, i lived in a town so small, you could barely call it that. there was an old church down the road and a family turned it into a house and moved it. it was beautiful with it's high ceilings and wood work. i remember there were old pews leftover. it was really cool. i would totally buy that house.

  2. I love funky architecture homes! Sorry you didn't get the house. My hubby bought our home right when we started dating so I really didn't get any say so. I'm definitely NOT in my dream home :( Hoping to one day build on some family land at some point.

  3. I LOVE all your choices, pretty much what I would pick for myself!! Since we are doing the house hunting thing as well, I have learned to seriously take my time. I have completely (or so I thought at the time) fallen in love with a few different homes that of course we haven't gotten and it's a good thing, cause turns out they are not my dream. Actually, they have helped me to figure out my dream. You will find the one, you will know when ts right and you will get it. Just you wait and see :)

  4. Can I dream with you? I want a house so bad, I'm tired of renting condo's. I want houses 1,2 and 4. Mostly something with a yard with GRASS for the kids and dogs to run around and not get muddy. OH how I want grass and enough space for a garden. But its ok in time, we will get a house to call our own.

  5. Don't stress. If you didn't get it, then is wasn't your house. Your house is out there.