Monday, August 13, 2012

today's favorite things:

1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - here.  

I bought this album last week at 'End of an Ear' record on s. first st (Probably my favorite austin record store).  
Being completely honest, I had really low hopes... because, let's be honest, I loved (L.O.V.E.D) their first album, 3 years ago when it came out.  Since then though, they've kinda-sorta (really) sold out.  I mean, I'm all about a band being successful and making a living, but it feels like they have songs on multiple commercials, movie trailers etc ... (oh oh while on that subject, wanna read something super cool? read this !)
Regardless of all this 'sell-out' business, I can't help loving them and their music, so I purchased the record.  And totally love it and didn't find it disappointing at all.  Go get it gurrrrrl! 

2. The time Travelers Wife

How is it that no one told me about this book before? There has even been a movie and I still remained clueless. Well, now I am telling you, so that you're not in the dark here. It's a Fabulously romantic, hard to put down, easy to pick up read (the last thing being incredibly necessary when there is a baby in your house).
Every evening when I would regretfully place the book on my night stand, I'd just clutch on to john for fear that he might vanish too. Well, I won't go further into the plot incase you haven't read it... but goshdarnit, it's just so sad ... in the most satisfying way. 

Are you reading or listening to anything new this week? Do share! 
happy happy monday!


  1. Time Traveller's Wife is in my top 5 favorite books of all times! I found the movie dissatisfying, but loved the book. Enjoy!

    1. I thought the same exact thing about the movie! oh well, alas, it's always the case.

  2. Ohhh such a good book! I actually saw the movie first, and I really like it. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are well cast :)

    1. they really are. McAdams can do no wrong in my mind. she is just too precious.
      hey is there still a book club? i should really join it soon!

  3. Wow, I just read that book LAST WEEK. And I thought the same thing, how did I not know about it?? Really consuming. I remember saying to Beatrice at one point, "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll finish this book soon and you'll have a mama again."

    1. whoa! that's so awesome we were on the same wavelength ... or something. It was SO good. did you cry? I just moped around the house for about 24 hours after it ended (but then I rented the movie and it being no where near as romantic, brought me back to reality a bit).
      what are you reading now? I'm always looking for suggestions. I just stared 'A visit from the Goon Squad' and as well written as it is, it's a little depressing (in a very empty way, you know?)