Tuesday, September 18, 2012

making the old new again (with gold spraypaint)


As I am attempting to write this my sweet baby is at my feet whining at my feet in a sea of toys. Poor guy, he is just having a difficult day.  BUT, other than today things have been pretty darn good around here (knock on wood).  
Acupuncture is going great, as is the bikram yoga class I started last night (call me crazy, but a fellow mom and I plan on doing 30 classes in 30 days!) (yikes!)

I hope all is well in y'alls world! And you like this little ol' project of mine.  (the roosters are wood btw).  
geez, I've gotta go take care of this baby!
happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. I love the roosters - very Texas of you ;D
    Your yoga class, although challenging I'm sure to do it everyday for 30 days, sounds like it'll be well worth it. I've been getting back into running myself and am on my first day off in six days. Hard work is just that, but it always pays off in the end. Good luck to you! :)
    I love signing off with "I hope all is well in y'alls/your world"..that's the way I sign off in emails and text messages :)
    P.s. I requested "Luckenbach, Texas" on a radio station here today (even though I have it on my ipod) and it totally reminded me of how you've been there...and how I'm so, so jealous that I haven't in all these years.