Monday, September 24, 2012

my closet: 70's kimono dress

dress: vintage (from buffalo exchange for 7$! what what!)
earrings: vintage clip-ons
shoes: tjmaxx
glasses: warby parker

Well friends, I have to tell you, because I am so incredibly proud of myself, that I am now one week into my bikram yoga classes! I've gone seven out of the last eight days.  I feel absolutely fabulous! I am still a long ways away from looking like those skinny, muscular, flirting-with-disgusting looking women you see pinned on pinterest (but, who wants to look like them, anyways?)  It feels so wonderful to say you're going to do something and follow through with it! hollaaaa!

ok, so about the dress.  When I went to try it on at buffalo exchange a few weeks ago, the young children who work there looked at me in confusion.  They then asked me where I intended to wear the dress.  I became very self conscious after that... can I only wear this dress certain places? is it really that strange? Am I that weird older girl who still thinks that I'm young, cute and can pull off anything????  Well!  How I wish those young hooligans were there yesterday when I wore it for the first time!  I want to rub all the compliments I got in their faces! ha! :) 

Happy Happy Monday!


  1. I love this dress! Those kids don't know what they are missing. Freedom, sweet freedom. I am totally jealous of this $7 treasure!

  2. You look fricking fantastic! Forget about what the kids say - don't worry about chasing cool - be cool your own way! Love it!