Sunday, September 2, 2012

home sweet home

Dear Owner,
I would like to let you know how excited my family is to be making an offer on your house. I hear this house has been in your family for about 50 years. (wow!)  There is a house in Los Angeles California that my grandparents lived in for 40+ years, a house that they loved and took care of, a house that I played in as a child.  I now make a point to drive by the house every time I am in southern California.  There is a young family living in there now and it makes my heart very happy to think about how this house my grandparents loved, is now being taken care of by a new family who loves it.
We would like to be that young family to your home.  Let me just tell you that over the past few months we have seen many houses.  Doing this, I've learned that immediately upon opening the door you get 'a feel' for the house, on whether or not the house was taken care of or not and more importantly, on if the house had been loved.  Your families home, I assume must have been loved, because it just felt comfortable to be inside.  Not only that, but I felt immediately onto walking in that I was at home.  Seeing the peaceful and excited look on my husbands face, told me he felt the same way. 
I would be so excited for this house to be our first home, to try not to burn my family's dinners on the yellow kitchen countertops; to put our christmas tree in the big front window; to watch my son take his first steps in the hall and to watch friends eat bbq we grilled in the backyard. And in a few years, I look forward to a (teary) mom and an (excited) child walking down the street for the first day of kindergarten (I actually get teary just thinking about it).
Well, I guess this whole letter is just to tell you that I hope your house becomes our home.  If you are looking for someone to live in it and love it well, we would be honored to do just that.
Thank you so much for your time!
Andrea (John, Redding, Bronson & Garbanzo)

Fingers Crossed Y'all! We put an offer on a real sweet little house in a strong east side neighborhood!


  1. Just looked at the Austin Home Search listing page for it :) I love the X on the door and those floors!

    1. yay! things are looking good so far! I'll call you this week girl, thanks for your sweet offer the other day.

  2. That was such a sweet letter! Please tell you actually found a way to deliver it to them?

    1. I did, yes. My realtor actually suggested I write it. Although I felt super awkward doing it, i did ... so thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I adore that embroidery, I may have to make one of my own!

    Good luck with the offer!