Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terrazzo floors in mid-century homes

This past weekend John and I went to an amazing estate sale.  The kind that you know you can't really afford anything, but you wait in line outside the door anyways because you just want to see their things.  The house belonged to a Professor at UT and his very fashionable wife.  And I can only assume he was an art professor because of all the books on his shelf.  I always have a bit of a hard time at estate sales, knowing that someone spent their whole life collecting these things and we pick over them in a matter of three days. 
But, I digress.
My point. The house was the best part.  I fabulous 1960s home built in the hills of austin.  The whole house had Terrazzo floors. Have you ever seen these floors? Its actually poured like concrete (I think?) and has all these little chips of marble, stones and more in it.  
It actually holds a very dear place in my heart (as much as a floor can, I suppose), because my grandfather put them in the house he built in the 60s. (remember? the one in Los Angeles?)  I remember loving running down their hallway as a child and feeling the cold floors under my feet.  I also remember sitting on the floor and examining all the treasures in there.
Here are some lovely examples for you: (all from google image search)

Oh and don't worry, I've totally researched it: terrazzo floors also come in tile. Just incase you've found house. And that house just might be pier and beam.  And you might need to redo some kitchen floors.  jussssssayin....  (a huge wink here).

hope this thursday is treating you well lovies!


  1. I've seen floors like those back home in Cali! I'm so jealous, I haven't been to an estate sale in months...soon I hope!


  2. they have some laminate at ikea that looks similar.