Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Mohawk

I am sure I don't need to mention how much I love Miley's new haircut. That girl is absolutely adorable.   But geez louise it makes me want to run my hands against my shaved head.   I miss shaving my head so much some days, it drives me crazy.
Not to mention how much I want to yell "I DID IT FIRST DARNIT!"  No, but really.  I miss the heck out of my shaved head.  So I dug out a few pictures...

And some day I'll show you pictures where I shaved my whole head ... but until then, I hope you are having a fabulous day!!!


  1. The one with the red bandana is lovely. I love the tendrils by the ears!

    Some times I really miss having cool hair. I haven't done anything really exciting since college.

  2. Bad ass!! And you look waaaaaaaay better than Miley! Do it again!!

  3. this reminds me how I had purple hair all the way back in 1997 before it was such a fashionable thing now to colour your hair all those crazy colours. Never did shave my head though!

  4. Man I wish I had more "cool" photos of myself

  5. I had my head shaved for YEARS and actually had a buzzed head when I got married! I miss it so much and recently took the clippers to it again (but with a 6 attachment) rather than bare clippers. Bald is beautiful!!

  6. I want you to know I feel the exact same way! I am trying SO SO SO hard to grow it out, but now that it is touching my shoulders again it's driving me effin mad I tell you! I promised myself I would let it grow out at least until my son is born.... Just in case I change my mind. (But I already know I wanna chop it all off again!) There is just something so liberating about having it chopped. :)

  7. LOVE your hair in pics 2, 3, 4! <3

  8. awesome pics! rad hair. i've only ever done the undercut but wanted to shave it more! :)

    when did you get rid of your cheek piercings, was there a reason or just a baby?