Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A helpful hint: pack it up!

  1. Be mentally and emotionally prepared, because trying on clothes - especially clothes that once fit can be a tedious process.
  2. Be prepared to make a mess and have many piles ('give away', 'garage sale', 'keep' etc).
  3. If you have some dresses that are simply too fabulous to get rid of, keep them. But, get them out of your closet!
  4. Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits.  So, if you can technically button up that dress, but it is so tight it just reminds you of how skinny you used to be... pack it up. It's not worth the headache.
Remember, it's ok if there are clothes you can't part with yet.  But that doesn't mean you need to see them every day when you open up your closet.  Pack them up and save them for later!

Is this obvious to everyone else and I'm just now catching on?  Either way, I feel great.  I don't feel pressured to fit in these dresses anymore or to get rid of them.   I only wish I did this when I was pregnant!



  1. oh my god, genius! I am totally going to do this this weekend. I spend a good 20 mins (that I can't afford) in my wardrobe looking for something to wear; putting things on and getting angst 'cos they look like crap. Mostly ends in tears. PACK 'EM UP! Woop!

    1. yay! no more days of standing by the closet crying!

  2. this made me laugh so hard! i thought it was going to be a box full of wine and liqueur!! clever idea problem is always that as soon as i am able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy garb, i find that my tastes have changed to much to even want to wear the old stuff. maybe i should stop being a clothes chameleon? ;-)

    1. Actually perhaps a box of wine and liquor would be a great way to START this project.
      My tastes change too ... but I know they'll always change again, which makes it so hard to get rid of anything. Sometimes I think life would just be easier if I had boring style (it sounds like you too!) haha. oh well, the sacrifices of being stylish ;)