Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Letters

hey y'all! this is my little letters post that I did after seeing The Freckled Fox's.  I couldn't figure out how to link up the post to hers (Dear internet, computers and anything else technical, why must you be so gosh-darn difficult?) ... But, I decided to post it anyways.... here goes:

Dear weather, thank you for dropping ten degrees this month. But, if you could just drop twenty more I could maybe put on a sweater.

Dear baby redding, if you could wake me up (ANY) other way than pouring my glass of water on my face, that'd be fabulous.

Dear camera battery-charger,  This was a fun game at first... but I relent, you win. Come out come out wherever you are!

Dear world wide web, Please (oh please) can you get movie times right? because if not I am doomed to continue scaring theater empolyees by bursting into tears at the ticket counter. (not joking)

Dear weekend of October 20th, Why must you be Art Outside, Tour de Fat, City Wide Garage Sale AND the weekend we need to move? Why you gotta do me like that? You've always been my favorite month!

Dear Kelly Rippa, Truth. I find the way you look and what you say annoying as all hell. But, for some reason whenever I look at you, I feel awful about myself.

Dear John, I find it super hot that you can do all this work on our house. Thanks for being such a manly man.

Dear anyone who says 'It takes 6 months to fit back into your prepreggo clothing',  Go shove it!

Dear ever-so-lovely readers of this blog, thanks for reading! and sorry for the huge lag lately!

(dear photo booth, thanks for being awesome!)

now, to continue packing. Someday my life won't be filled with boxes anymore, right? (right? ahhh!)

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