Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where you were born

My dearest baby Redding,
I would like to share a few pictures with you of the place you were born.  I loved the house you were born and spent the first nine months of your life in.  Your dad went above and beyond to make sure we lived there, which made me so happy, because I wanted more than anything to live in a yellow house.

You were born in the living room, which was definitely my favorite room of the house.  I loved the big window and your dad was verging on obsession with the fire place.  I never minded it though (his obsession) it always meant we had nice fires any time it was below 70 degrees :)

Many days when I was big and pregnant my exercise would be to walk down to the neighborhood grocery store and bakery.  It was only three blocks away, but would get me winded nonetheless (you've always been a big boy!)  And even though I miss having cookies within walking distance already, I know we will all be better off with out it.

I can't wait until you are old enough for me to take you to this neighborhood.  I'll show you the house we first met you in.  The place in the fence bronson would always escape from and the front garden bed where garbanzo would nap.  We will go to the bakery and get cookies and I'll tell you about how daddy would bring me home one almost everyday while I was pregnant. We can then walk to the park and I'll push you on the swings and watch you go down the slide over and over again. 

I love you my sweet Redding and I just wanted you to know that the place where you took your first breath was a loving home. 


  1. Oh such a sweet little letter. Please print it out and put it into his baby book. Even though anything on the internet seems to live forever! What a sweet little tribute to your last home and to your lovely family. mama

  2. SUCH a sweet letter. and I love these pics. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Redding is lucky to have you for his mommy :) xoxo