Friday, November 16, 2012

9 months (better late than never!)

A few days ago Redding turned 10 months old, so of course it's time to post his 9 month pictures. hmmm... procrastinate much?
 I do realize I have not posted in a couple of weeks, however I don't believe in apologizing for neglecting blogs, because, well, life happens. and we all understand that. 
So, carrying on.

This little man is on the go. I mean, all. the. time.  I am actually continually spilling 'organic puffs' (cheerios, they are just cheerios, people!) onto his high chair right now, to be able to write this.
BUT, you can see in these pictures, he is busy busy BUSY.    I honestly didn't know one could crawl so fast.  He could probably crawl faster than me at this point (these old, wretched knees).
And holy cow, he is adorable.  Red is finally turning into a cuddly baby.  It seems the farther he goes, the more he wants to come back, give me a quick hug and be on the go again (yes, my heart has melted).
OH! oh! and he does this kiss-thing, which probably only a parent could find precious... in which he just comes at your face with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out. I really do think he wants to give me a kiss!
Speaking of kiss, I am really pushing 'kiss', 'bike' and 'bronson' to be first words.  But everything coming out of his mouth still sounds a little bit like a cough.  (although he does do some 'mamas' and 'papas').

This is it for now.  I am really hoping my little blogging-vacation is over and I continue to find time for my little 'ol computer,  because I've got some fun things in store for the holidays (which might ... or might-not ... consist  of a 'how-to wear a holiday sweater' post..)

so much love to all kiddos!


  1. Redding is such an adorable baby. That second picture is precious and hilarious at the same time.

    I'm also really excited for your holiday sweater post. =]

  2. Such a cute little man- such a fun age!

  3. I want to see mooooooooooore!! My goodness, such a cutie! (December can't come fast enough for Aunty Meghan!) Plus, I want to see reunion photos, house photose, more Red photos, etc! :)