Tuesday, November 27, 2012

socks with sandals, say it isn't so!

Alright ladies, it's time to break all the rules! I am so excited about this look I can hardly contain myself (I am not being sarcastic here, I literally am that excited about wearing socks).

The rules you thought you knew:
1. Don't wear socks with sandals
2. Don't wear light shoes after labor day
3. Never wear darker socks than your shoes

Ready, Set, Break the rules!

I know wearing this look is VERY exciting, but please, let's not forget to eat.

I know these pictures are kind of all over the map.  I actually had a hard time finding images of this look on the internet.  BUT, I know it's in! I see it all over town ... and Austin is actually (believe it or not) pretty hip-with-the-ways of fashion ('hip' probably being the key word there).  
I actually rocked this look a little here.

Ok my friends, go forth, buy dark knee socks and rock the look! (and send me pictures!!!)
hahaha, oh sigh, I'm lovin' it!


  1. Girl, you have the prettiest smile! Also, I love this look. It's the whole white-socks-with-adidas-velco-sandals look that I despise!

    1. Ohhhh, yuck! I totally remember trying to do that when I was like 11... It didn't last long (thank god!)

  2. Thank god you wrote that little caption under that last picture. I could drive a bus between her legs.

    p.s. Regarding your socks + sandals photo shoot - I see you have tats on the back of your legs!? Could you please do a post dedicated to your tattoos? I'm itching to get a new one, and I'm thinking thigh region. But I always hesitate for a while before I jump in.

    1. hey girl! I'm so sorry ... in my mind I typed up a response to this last week! eep.
      but, yes, I'd like to do a tattoo post. I have some I really like- especially the one on the back of my legs! It is a joint piece (it's a bicycle divided into half with a design around it).
      anyways, I'll do it soon! Thanks!!!

  3. one more things try few pairs of socks to match best with your pants. Its not the shoes color that matter it’s the color of your pants.

  4. ha ! i like the don't forget to eat ... thighs and ankles that are the same size never good motivation for a healthy lifestyle. soooo cute though ! i am a sucker for the look for sure. heartandthrift.blogspot.com