Friday, November 30, 2012

The christmas wreath

Honestly, I've always thought of wreaths as a little cheesy.  No offense or anything, but in my mind they were meant for the old lady down the street who had nothing better to do.  Well, either I've become that old lady (quite possible) or The Wreath is making a come back (more likely).   This probably has something to do with how 'in' pinterest and Do It Yourself projects are.  But, whatever it is, I'm totally stoked on it.  I am going to wreath it up this season.
Here are a few favorites I found while looking for Inspiration:

I just love this Modern Holiday Wreath (thanks better homes and gardens) made out of yarn and felt. Sounds easy huh? 
This homemade pom pom Wreath is absolutely amazing, isn't it? LOVE it! (I will definitely be copying this color scheme- to die for!)
This winter wonderland wreath is actually available on etsy! Definitely a good idea to purchase one if you are a busy mama, such as myself.  However I am getting all kinds of good ideas from it ... shadow box anyone?
And of course there are the yarn ball wreaths, which I always find so adorable (but I've never made one... wouldn't it get expensive?)

And of course you can't forget This pretty little Wreath of mine.  (It broke. shucks. But I kept the pieces, mosaic anyone?)

Hey it's friday night! And I actually have plans!!! (wooo go mama!) 
Happy weekend to all you kiddos!


  1. The opening of this post made me chuckle! I hopped on the wreath bandwagon at Easter when I won materials to make one in a giveaway. It was fun and I'd definitely make one again! DIY decoration is generally a good thing, I reckon. You found some lovely inspiration!

  2. haha. Funny. I am not a wreath person either, but I will admit, most of the ones you posted are quite amazing.

    I haven't ever had one but ended up getting this one because of how awesomely geeky it is --

  3. I'm new here. Found my way to you through the militant baker! I love your header banner, dolls FTW! I used to make wreaths a few years ago every Christmas. It'd usually be your typical wreath (branches, berries, and bows) but now I'm thinking.... creepy doll wreath? Hmmm... YES! Although, some people might not want to come in. Haha.

    P.S the link to your wreath doesn't seem to work.

    1. WHAT!!!! I'd never heard of the militant baker, I am so (SO) glad you shared that with me. I am totally in love with her and her blog.

      umm, and yes! I'm hoping you've already started on your creepy-doll-head wreath! I can't wait to see it! (I think I will wait and make one next halloween! It will be so perfect!!!)

    2. Her blog is the BEST! :) I haven't started the wreath yet. Was working on a mushroom themed advent calendar (posting it tomorrow morning!) then I have to get started on a few gifts but I really want to fit some creepy doll wreath time. Somehow. Can't believe it's only two weeks away.

      Excellent idea for Halloween!